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    H-WASH 45V

    The ultimate self-contained, portable, all-in-one sink unit. With capacity for up to 225 x 20 second hand washes, this unit is ideal for regular use. The unit is small enough to fit through standard doorways, making it easy to transfer between both internal and external locations on your site

    Product Features

    •  No plumbing or electrics required

    • Indoor use only – either inside a van or mounted to a wall

    • 45L clean water capacity providing 225 x 20 second hand washes

    • Hands-free water supply with foot operated tap

    • Full forearm sink meeting required regulations

    Unit includes:  45L storage tank

                                     Soap bottle holder

                                     Centre-feed towel dispenser

                                     25L water collection drum

                                     Integrated waste bin

    Weight:  20kg (not inc. water and consumables)

    Dimensions: 680 x 1410 x 310mm (WxHxD)

    More Information

    We got one unit initially but it’s a complete game-changer for us in being ready for the fans coming back safely , we’ll be getting more!


    Changing over to H-WASH RS has made it so easy for us to provide both students and teachers with hand hygiene.   Before we constantly refilling and changing batteries now we only have to attend to each station once a week at the most.   The way the sanitiser comes out as a  mist that covers the children hands is brilliant!


    Wasn’t sure  about this  until I used one, there was no going back to hand gel bottles then!  H-WASH RS and the Ramsol sanitiser will be the only option we use now.